Introduction to OptionFair

4 September 2012

What is optionFair ?

OptionFair is a new online trading platform offering binary options. It allows investors to profit from the changes in financial assets such as currencies, stocks, commodities and indices, all of which in real time.

Binary options, the new evolution in financial trading, involve simple investment choices offering quick and easy returns. Anyone, with little or no trading experience or financial knowledge, can master the intuitive platform that optionFair has developed and can confidently trade with success.

A Binary option, also known as a digital option or fixed return, is an option to buy an asset traded on the financial markets. It offers a fixed return over a predetermined period of time; this can be anything from 5 minutes up to 24 hours. It is called binary because there are only two outcomes – either you will receive a fixed return or nothing at all. At optionFair the fixed return is a market-leading 85% and even the nothing at all at optionFair is actually a refund of up to 15% of the investment.

Why optionFair?

Most Binary Options platforms offer just the single High/Low instrument to trade. At optionFair there are 3 types of instruments on offer: High/Low, One Touch and Boundary. Each of these instruments contain two option types to trade and optionFair is unique in being the only platform which allows the trader to invest in both sides of the pricing range, ensuring fairness in pricing and creating more profit opportunities.

>optionFair also provide an early closure feature which enables the trader to limit the risk or secure a profit by closing a position at any point during the length of the contract, regardless of whether a position is profitable or not.

As well as the 85% return possible in just 5 minutes, customers of optionFair can expect quality levels of 24/7 support available in 7 different languages, an attractive welcome bonus of up to 30% and an easy to use platform that is suitable for every level of investor.

How to Trade at optionFair

Trading at optionFair is simple. After signing up and making a deposit, a trade can be made in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Enter the trading arena and choose the type of instrument you would like to trade by clicking on the instrument tab. It will be High/Low, One Touch or Boundary

  • High/Low You predict if the market price will be
    higher or lower at expiry time
  • One Touch You predict if the market price will
    touch or not touch a target price before expiry time
  • Boundary You predict if the market price will be located
    inside or outside a range formed by two target prices at expiry time

Step 2: Choose what asset you would like to trade from the list of available assets

Step 3: Select the prediction on the trading slip

Step 4: Enter the amount you wish to invest and click “buy”.

Click Here to Start Trading with OptionFair

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