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7 November 2012

Your Trading Daily Outlook – Nov 7 2012 – 8:20 pm (UTC) – at http://SimplyTrader.Biz/daily !

/>Perfect for both beginners and professionals in FOREX trading, this daily video gives you in one place: Currency trends, Currency rates, Pairs analysis (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/GBP, USD/CAD, USD/JPY ), Flash market news, Flash market video news and tips.. and even more …

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Today’s Video Flash News: Obama’s reelection weakens dollar
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Today’s Outlook – http://SimplyTrader.Biz/news : Obama Victory Hope leads to USD weakness
U.S. Dollar Trading (USD) markets are in for some volatile trading over the next 24 hours with US elections wrapping up and Obama looking set to secure a second term. The immediate response to the Obama victory projection was a sharp move higher in Gold and in the EUR/USD. US Stocks however fell sharply and this could support the Dollar later on safe haven demand. Looking ahead, official US elections results expected…

Weekly’s Outlook – http://SimplyTrader.Biz/weeklynews : US Nonfarm Payroll ahead of US Elections
The EUR/USD back under 1.3000 last week with some profit taking and consolidation the main game. The 1.3100-1.2900 range has held for some time with investors buying on Spanish OMT access and selling while no formal application has been made. There is a chance that Spain will not request aid this year but the fundamentals are so poor it seems just a matter of time until the market forces Spain to act. The other major story is Greece Aid which could be released as soon as next week if the Trioka (IMF/ECB) report positively on Austerity reforms …

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