Forex Day Trading Systems and Strategies

9 January 2012

You’ve already made the decision to begin your career in forex day trading, but how do you go about choosing which forex day trading system to use? The good news is that choosing a strategy is the most difficult decision you have to make; the bad news is that only you can make this decision. Because you will always open and close your trades within the same 24-hour period, you must choose a forex day trading system that relies on short-term indicators. As a day trader, you should only look for forex day trading systems that accommodate your needs.

You’re probably wondering why it’s so important to choose a strategy for forex trading. It’s very important because the temptation to chase price is so great with enormous leverage and unlimited profit potential. Without a proper forex day trading strategy, all you have to rely on is how you feel, which isn’t a reliable indicator. Without one or two forex day trading systems, you won’t have the resources you need to succeed. When you’re just waiting and speculating on when to enter and exit the market, you’re just guessing and you would be better off trying your luck at the Roulette table.


Rule #1: Keep it Simple. When you choose a forex day trading strategy, make sure you understand every aspect of the strategy. Many currency trading systems rely on reading and interpreting data before making a decision to enter or exit the forex market. If you can’t read these charts or decipher them, choose a simpler strategy. Forex day trading can be profitable even at small amounts, if you have a clear understanding of your forex day trading system and you implement it correctly.

Rule #2: If You Need Help, Get it! Don’t think for one second that because you need help, you won’t be successful at forex day trading. Even the largest financial institutions get a help making their money, and there’s no reason you can’t. Unless you plan to watch the market 24 hours a day, consider using automated trading software. In addition to watching the forex market when you can’t, automated software allows you to see the information the software uses to make market decisions. It’s almost like having a forex mentor of your very own. Automated software will allow you to see if you’ve chosen an effective forex day trading strategy.

Rule #3: Stick With It. This rule seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many day traders experience a bit of success and cast their forex day trading systems aside. The whole point of choosing an effective day trading system is to make money, and ignoring your trading strategy is guaranteeing loss. A bad day forex trading doesn’t mean you’ve chosen a losing forex day trading strategy; it just means that you had a bad trading day. Give your strategy time to work, and understand you will have winning days and losing days. By sticking with a forex day trading system, you can make sure you have more good days than bad.



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