Forex and stock market – Tips for Financial Spread Betting

1 September 2011

Forex and stock market – Most popular bets are laid through financial spread betting today. A lot of new investors are taking it up. In such a scenario some tips can always be helpful. So let us look at some of the good tips for year 2011:

Use the money you have as the last money you have. Always treat it as your hard earned money and play only after planning. It is advisable not to start investing till the time you are sure of what you are doing. Never jump to bets.

It is always better to earn less instead of losing more. So, always start with a small amount of money to be put on stake. There are times, when a forex and stock trader feels that he will earn big and puts all his money on stake. That can actually turn into a disaster. Always earn with small amounts.

There is huge variety in the market for people interested in financial spread betting (forex and stock). Choose something which interests you. This will give you an edge over the others.

Concentrate on one market initially. It is not advisable to think of yourself as jack of all. Try and master a particular market before trying another. If you think you are capable of handling more than one at a time and opt for two but not more than that. Develop a skill before jumping to trial of another.

Keep your bets money aside and use it only for financial spread betting. This will give you a clear picture of how much you have lost and how much you have earned. Instead of starting your account with a small amount and then refilling it again and again, it is better to start with a substantial amount at first.

Planning is imperative. With risk involvement, it is important to plan your actions before acting. It gives you a fair idea about all the pros and cons. Make a note of what you want to do, how much money you want to put on stake, lever for stop loss and make some strategies to face different situations.

At times, a lot of investors purely go by what is shown as prices in actual market. It is essential to understand that the spreads which are part of financial spread betting can be different from actual market prices at times.

Always keep a track of market trends (forex and stock market). This can be very helpful in planning and formulation of strategies for future actions of an forex and stock investor.

There is nothing wrong in taking guidance from investors who are more experienced. If you are too new to the system then it is better to first learn the system, understand the basics, gain knowledge about the trends and then put your money on stake.

Financial spread betting is a tool to earn money, if an individual is not able to use it properly then it can eat away all the hard earned money and can be disaster.


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