An Introduction To Binary Options at optionFair

4 September 2012

If you are looking to trade the financial markets in a quick and
uncomplicated manner then you can look no further than Binary Options. Also
referred to as Digital Options and “All or Nothing” options, Binary Options
and its increased popularity over the last year can be attributed to a
number of factors; Increased volatility in markets, high returns possible,
low risk and just simple investment choices required to name but a few.
Anyone, with little or no financial knowledge or trading experience can
master the safe, easy-to-use trading platform like that of optionFair to
generate large and fast returns.

What are Binary Options?

Trading in Binary Options involve the buying of an option, which is the
right (option) to buy an asset. You do not actually purchase the asset
itself; instead you purchase the option to buy an asset at a fixed price,
for a fixed return, over a predetermined period of time. The contract will
state all the fixed prices, returns and time periods at its onset and at
optionFair the fixed return can be anything up to 85% and the time period
just 5 minutes. Options can be traded online in any number of underlying
assets and these include Oil, Gold, Stocks such as Google and a large list
of currency pairs

How to Trade Binary Options at optionFair


One of the biggest factors in the mass appeal of Binary Options and why it
is fast becoming the new evolution in financial trading is the simplicity of
trading; speculating on the direction an asset is likely to move. At
optionFair trading can be executed in four very easy steps:

Step 1: Enter the trading arena and choose the type of instrument you would
like to trade by clicking on the instrument tab. It will be High/Low, One
Touch or Boundary

  • High/Low You predict if the market price will be higher or lower at expiry
  • One Touch You predict if the market price will touch or not touch a target
    price before expiry time
  • Boundary You predict if the market price will be located inside or outside
    a range formed by two target prices at expiry time

Step 2: Choose what asset you would like to trade from the list of available

Step 3: Select the prediction on the optionFair trading slip

Step 4: Enter the amount you wish to invest and click “buy”.

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